Through this series of blogs, my goal is to show you how much marketing has evolved recently, and especially how much it can contribute to the growth of any business.

At the beginning of my career, more than a decade ago, I worked as marketing manager for a french industrial company with a subsidiary in Canada. During my first professional trip to France, I will never forget how one of my colleagues introduced me to his team: «This is Xavier, he will take care of the brochures in North America».

My colleagues’ objective was not to hurt me or minimize my contribution to the organization, but it was really that way this person was considering the work of a marketer (this term was not even well known yet). And I had the opportunity to realize, through my career, that this perception was widely shared: to communicate, to make things look pretty, to create beautiful presentations.

Nevertheless, I felt I could do so much more for my company especially since I saw the emergence of new tools to generate more applications and thoroughly evaluate its marketing efforts.


Nowadays, we can see that the role and expectations of marketing have gone from communication and brand awareness work to a digital revolution management and an even more important demand in terms of return on investment.

There are now many marketing approaches and concepts as well as a long series of Buzzwords describing these new trends: Lead Generation, Funnel Management, Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Growth Hacking…

In trying to shed light on all these terms all sexier than another, I especially want to share with you my techniques, anecdotes and best practices to generate more leads that will bring you more sales revenue.