Make your business vision come true

We implement strategies and technologies to transform your business with Salesforce.

Gathering your business requirements

We have industry experts to comprehend your most complex requirements.

Building a solution fully adapted to your needs

We find the best strategy to deliver the most business values for an affordable cost.

Setting up an effective rollout strategy

We manage your project rollout from the data migration to the support plan.

Take advantage of Salesforce turnkey services

Our consultants assist you every step of the way to deliver successful Salesforce projects

Managing your project from A to Z

In order to best assist you, we have set up a team experienced to Salesforce projects: business analysts, industry experts, project managers, developers and trainers.

Integrating Salesforce with external data source

Our team can connect your Salesforce to legacy systems or external data sources to enable your users with the most business relevant information.

Salesforce Turnkey Services
Implementing a wide range of Salesforce technologies

Our consultants are masters of all Salesforce clouds and are able to advise you and to select the best solution to respond to your business needs

Ensuring the business continuity

Once your Salesforce solution has been implemented, there is still a lot to accomplish. Our consultant know it and are ready to help with custom training and support plans to ensure the technology adoption and evolution.

360 degrees project delivery

Right from the start, a project manager helps you prioritize your requirements and set up a plan with workshops and the resources needed to conduct your project.

01  – In depth requirement gatherings with our business analysts

02 – Workshops with our subject matter experts

03 – A robust plan to migrate your existing data into Salesforce

04 – A smart integration solution to connect Salesforce to your systems

05 – A comprehensive training program to ensure the technology adoption

06 – A concrete support plan to manage the evolution of your instance

A comprehensive expertise with the Salesforce platform

Our consultants help get the Salesforce solutions suited to your business needs.

App Exchange and custom development

On top of CRM’s, our team knows how to use the Salesforce platform to build or to integrate robust applications for your entire organization.

business transformation salesforce turnkey implementation



Salesforce Cloud Solutions for any business lines

Our consultants and developers are masters of all Salesforce’s clouds and know how to take advantages of all their functionalities

Salesforce industry solutions design by Incloud

To respond to specific industry needs, Incloud has developed packaged solutions build with the Salesforce technology.

Unify your business data into your application

The Salesforce platform has created numerous ways to interact with all your business data. Our consultants know the most efficient techniques to connect your applications to your all data that will deliver distinctive values.

  • Incorporate data from other departments on Salesforce or legacy systems.
  • Use data from any external data source in real time.
  • Implement business logic that spans multiple application systems.
  • Interact with multiple web applications built in different languages.

Get a faster user adoption and plan your business continuity with Salesforce

Achieving your goals with Salesforce goes beyond the proper implementation of the cloud system. An adequate training is also crucial to ensure the adoption of the tool by your employees. Planning its evolution and auditing the performance of your instance helps you maximize the returns on your investment.

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