Easing your management of Salesforce

We help IT team plan and manage your evolution with the Salesforce platform.

Supporting your team long after the implementation

We offer services to administrate, configure  and evolve your Salesforce instance.

Auditing the performance of your Salesforce

We evaluate your Salesforce performance and propose solutions to maximize your return on investments.

Training your team to maximize user adoption

We’ve developed comprehensive training programs dedicated to user and administrators.

Make Salesforce evolve within your organization

Our consultant create applications that put your customers in the center of your business.

Salesforce audit

Whatever the Salesforce cloud you’re using, our consultants evaluate the quality of your data, your system integration and the needs for further upgrades.

Salesforce administration service

If your CRM is critical for your operation, our consultants and senior administrator can help your organization manage and optimize your Salesforce instance .

salesforce audit

Salesforce training

For Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Pardot, we will walk your team through all functionalities and teach them how to use your Salesforce to its full potential.

Salesforce Lightning migration

To support this Salesforce innovation, our consultants have designed a program to migrate your instance to Lightning for an increased data access and a more intuitive interface.

salesforce support

Discover how your Salesforce could be configured to better suit your business needs

Through very deep audit program, but lasting a few days only, our consultants assess how your Salesforce could deliver more:

  • Detect the gaps that are taking you away from a maximal Sales Cloud, Pardot or Service Cloud performance.
  • Identify inconsistent or irrelevant data and put processes in place to build a reliable data flow.
  • Evaluate the integration of your Salesforce into your environment to optimize the connectivity between your all system.
  • Plan for future upgrades or integrations of additional features delivering a fast return on investment.

Maximize your user adoption with a tailor-made training program

User adoption is the key to a successful CRM implementation. This is why we’ve developed training programs adapted to each users and to every Salesforce clouds.

  • Salesforce trainings for Sales Cloud, Pardot, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Salesforce CPQ.
  • Training sessions for administrators or users fully adapted to the Salesforce knowledge of your employees

salesforce support

Secure your CRM administration with our Salesforce experts.

Having access to knowledgeable Salesforce resources can be sometimes complex.With our consultants,you have at your disposal expert Salesforce admins who can help maintain your instance through your business routine:

  • Seamlessly managing your Salesforce fields, objects and user access.
  • Providing admin services for the entire Salesforce suite and optimizing the connection between the clouds (e.g.:Sales Cloud & Pardot)
  • Ensuring your business continuity with Salesforce with a rigorous documentation process.

Migrate to Salesforce Lightning to get advantage of the latest Salesforce innovations

Salesforce has gone with Lightning through a multi-year mission to revolutionize CRM’s. These innovations will impact all Salesforce clouds, free your data across the platform and offer more intuitive and mobile friendly interface.  

Incloud has set up a migration plan to facilitate your adoption of this new technology:

  • Modifying all native and custom objects with the new Lightning technology
  • Upgrading your Salesforce AppExchange
  • Reconfiguring buttons, tabs, workflows and automations
  • Redesigning reports and dashboard with the new Lightning look and feel.