The Summer ’20 Release came packed with hundreds of new features!

Here is a summary of the ones that will help Sales users improve their productivity.
1. Split List Views

‌‌• Productivity Boost: work through records in sequence from any list view! No more navigating back and forth between the list and the records! ++ The list view panel is collapsible for extra flexibility.

‌• Users can turn on this new option in the ‘’Display As’’ drop down menu.

2. Key fields and Guidance in Kanban View

‌• Improved efficiency: All the benefits from the Sales Path’s key fields and success guidance were brought into the Kanban View, even the confetti! (Except for Lead conversion)

• Reps can edit the key fields inline without leaving the Kanban View:

  1. Open the details panel by clicking on the ‘Show more details’ button
  2. The details panel displays the compact layout fields
  3. The details panel displays the key fields and success guidance

3. Full View Layout

‌• View all details and related lists on the same page instead of across multiple tabs and columns. If you are transitioning from Classic, you will love Full View!

Note for Admins
In Setup, enter Record Page Settings in the Quick Find box, and select Record Page Settings. Note that this layout will become the ORG’s Default Lightning Experience Record Page View. If you have custom org default record page assignments, you can choose which of those assignments to override with the new record page view.

More information here.

4. Assign Tasks to Queues

• Users can now save time assigning Tasks to Queues from the record or page they are using with the “New Task” activity action or via quick action from global action.

5. Big Deal Alerts

• For those not familiarized with this feature, a big Deal Alert is an automated email that includes a snapshot of an opportunity that has reached a given threshold of amount and probability, so you can alert specific users in your team. It’s a great productivity feature and this release makes it easier for Admins to set it up.

‌• Set up Big Deal Alerts from Lightning instead of Classic! With this release, some labels on the Setup page were updated to make it easier to create and update alerts.

‌Note for Admins
In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Big Deal Alerts. In the Sender Email field, enter your own Salesforce email address or a verified org-wide email. You must have the View All Data permission to set up alerts.

6. Report Subscriptions with Attachments in CSV (BETA)

‌• Subscribers can click on the new ‘Attach File’ button to receive results as a .csv file attached to the subscription email‌.

• Please note that this a BETA feature, which means that is in preview/evaluation mode and although it is not supported by Salesforce yet, it is generally available since the release and definitely worth a try!

‌Note for Admins
In Setup, from Reports and Dashboards Settings, select Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience, and save your changes.

7. Email Insights for Einstein Activity Capture

‌‌‌‌• For those who are not familiar with this feature, Einstein Activity Capture is what completes any Outlook or Gmail integration, by syncing contacts and events automatically between the two applications.

• The new Email Insights lets users know, based on the relevant sales context and without even opening the email, when a customer prefers not to continue a sales conversation.

‌• Users can now know which conversations to focus on to close deals!

‌Note: This feature is available to all Einstein Activity Capture users including users with an Inbox license. Email Insights are on by default. View this insight in the email details, on the activity timeline, and in Salesforce Inbox mobile apps.

8. Lightning Experience on your iPad

‌• You can now enjoy the full desktop version of Lightning Experience on your iPad using Safari.

‌• No training is required since it’s the same desktop experience.

• Drag-and-drop and Preview are supported on iPad for Calendars and Events.

9. The In-App Guidance Builder

• Managers and Admins, help your users get familiar with the Lightning Experience navigation and accelerate their productivity by guiding them through customized prompts and walkthroughs.

• Ideal for onboarding or training users, as well as for introducing new configuration changes or new features.

• Write the content, select the target audience, and specify where it appears and for how long.

Note for Admins
In Setup, search and select In-App Guidance. Click Add to open the In-App Guidance Builder in a new tab.

Bonus: See what’s new in High Velocity Sales!

Since we’re talking about Sales Productivity, here are some details on what was released for High Velocity Sales!

The Summer ’20 release brings three major updates:

Real-Time Details of Prospects’ Email Engagement: Know immediately when Sales Cadence targets open an email, reply, click an email link, and more. My Feed Alerts show engagements directly in the Work Queue. Engagement data appears on target records and email messages.

Einstein Call Coaching for HVS: Give sales managers insights about their teams’ sales calls and identify coachable moments.

Sales Cadences now empower reps to:
-Skip Step
-Expand Exit Criteria
-Branch Cadences based on Email Replies
-Create a conversation by sending HVS emails on the same thread

High Velocity Sales is a streamlined solution tailored to inside sales teams (including sales development and business development reps) and designed to speed up the sales process.

High Velocity Sales and its features are available for an extra cost for Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

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