What you will learn in this Ebook

Discover the new trends in the service industry to deliver a more intelligent customer service


How to improve your reputation and convert more customers


All channels are notre created equal: consider commodities vs cost


Consider your customer life cycle to increase your profitability


How to increase your upsell and cross-sell

Who we are

The Author

Juan Fidalgo
Senior Solution Architect

Juan is Senior Architect Solution at Incloud and has a long experience in support management and customer service.

From customer service & support manager, and manager of call center operations, to Director of customer care, planning & integration, Juan has come a long way and will unveil you every secret in this guide.

About Incloud:

Salesforce Consulting Partner
Customer Service Expert

At Incloud, we believe that cloud technologies can improve the efficiency of any business organizations. With Salesforce customer service solutions, we guide you to help your customers with an intelligent customer service.

Based in Montreal, Incloud is able to configure and customize your instance, and train your team with Service Cloud.

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