Salesforce for Financial Services

Salesforce for Financial Services

Financial Services

How to adapt & grow at a pivotal time in the industry

The financial services industry is facing its watershed moment, from banking and capital markets to investment management and everything in between. Not only is the industry more competitive than ever before, but customers’ needs are changing in real time.

With extensive expertise since 2013, Incloud understands the complex processes & pain points of financial services organizations, but most important, Incloud knows how to help them succeed in these times of disruption.

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Overcoming Financial Services Challenges

Panel Discussion : Financial Services Challenges 

Learning topics:

  • The shift towards self-investing and democratization
  • The rise in robo-investing and automation
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital transformation
  • Improving customer experience



This is a smart discovery call from a financial services customer journey standpoint, uncovering blind spots to generate quick wins with actionable insights.


  • Web site conversion rate increased by up to 30%
  • Cost per lead reduced by up to 20%
  • Return on digital ads increased by up to 45%
  • Sales cycle time reduced by up to 25%
  • Current Martech spend optimized

Successes we had with our clients


  • Achieved a cultural shift to a digital-first approach by implementing a Customer-Centric CRM Solution.
  • Incloud focused on revamping sales and marketing through the Challenger Sales Model to streamline processes, and align teams with campaign automation to drive revenue growth, expand market shares, and achieve cost reduction.


  • Replaced ineffective CRM with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, centralizing client communication and holdings.
  • Incloud ensured robust security, streamlined onboarding, and utilized Docusign for document management, providing personalized training.


  • Implemented a flexible digital solution for sales, addressing short-term needs with a CRM solution.
  • Incloud replaced Hubspot with Salesforce Sales Cloud, centralizing communication and holdings for a comprehensive client view, and developed reports and dashboards for tracking activities.

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eBook available on-demand

Disruption in Financial Services: How to Adapt and Grow

In this e-book, we explore and analyze 5 challenges in the financial services industry and identify key solutions to these challenges.

  • The shift towards self-investing and democratization
  • The rise in robo-investing and automation
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital transformation
  • Improved customer experience