Salesforce Health Cloud

Elevate your healthcare operations with Health Cloud

Achieve personalized experiences through a combination of industry and technology expertise

Health Cloud enables seamless communication and collaboration between patients, providers, members, payers, and healthcare companies, Health Cloud ensures that the right information is accessible at the right time.

This results in more personalized experiences, efficient workflows, and improved overall healthcare journeys. 

health cloud interface

Why integrate Health Cloud with your EHR

Patient 360: Centralized data for a comprehensive patient view, ensuring personalized experiences.

Scheduling: Real-time visibility into provider availability, enabling efficient appointment scheduling.

Referral Management: Streamlined oversight of provider and patient-driven referral processes.

Intake Automation: Automated pre-appointment patient interactions for optimized in-person care.

Aftercare Support: Post-procedure information and knowledge articles for swift and safe recovery.

Journey Management: Efficient and interactive processes guiding patients through their care journey.

Demographic Updates: Effortless updating of basic demographic information by contact center agents.

Inquiry Management: 360 data utilization for agents to query patient information during calls.

Provider Network Enhancement: Comprehensive provider profiles beyond traditional credentialing.

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