Salesforce for Healthcare and Pharma

Salesforce for Healthcare and Pharma


Take patient relationships to the next level with Salesforce for Healthcare Technology

Potential Challenges that Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Companies are Experiencing:

Incloud is tailoring its services to adhere to the needs of Salesforce for healthcare and pharma implementations, addressing common challenges:

1. Busy Schedules Healthcare professionals are responsible for managing a multitude of tasks, from providing patient care to maintaining physician networks, all while juggling multiple siloed systems.

2. Meeting Rising Expectations Their busy schedule makes it hard to establish extensive communication amongst the care teams, patients, and other facilities.

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How can our Salesforce services solve this?

  • Get a 360-degree view of each and every patient. Get easy access to the right patient information including current conditions and medications, communication preferences, and appointment history.
  • Implement easily all internal and external conversations, including the ones with patients and other healthcare professionals – all PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant. This helps to create more effective care coordination plans, as well as simpler and more efficient patient care plans.
  • Improve Patient Experience By unifying systems and gathering important data onto one easily accessible platform, you can get a complete 360-degree view of the patients, staff members, and clinicians, leading to superior patient experience.
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Customizing Salesforce for healthcare and pharma companies helps improve patient care, increase satisfaction, and create a more human touch in their services. Contact Incloud today to discuss how we can enhance customer experience by creating a more personalized approach to patient care.