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Marketing Cloud

Make every moment count to grow your business with Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is an AI-powered, cloud-based digital marketing platform within the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem, for managing and automating marketing campaigns across various channels, including email, ads, mobile, and web.

Marketers can segment their audience, deliver personalized messages, connect lead generation and account-based marketing (ABM), track campaign performance and optimize strategies based on real-time insights.

Discover why Marketing Cloud is the #1 marketing platform

Customer Data Platform

Unlock the full value of your customer data so you can personalize every moment.

Decrease cost per acquisition through advanced segmentation and targeted advertising.

Boost conversation rates with AI-powered next-best-offers and personalized customer journeys.

Marketing Analytics

Easily map and harmonize all of your marketing and business data to generate a complete view of your marketing performance.

Increase efficiencies through automation, optimize campaigns, and drive stronger ROI with cross-channel, data-driven insights.

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Design and deliver personalized customer journeys that improve engagement and conversions across the entire lifecycle.

Analyze journey performance with built-in dashboards to optimize your campaigns across email, mobile, and advertising.

Marketing AI

Fuel customer engagement and team productivity with AI marketing tools built directly into your platform.

Guide customers through personalized journeys with automation powered by Einstein.


Treat every customer as an individual to improve personalization across all owned channels, and drive ROI across your marketing programs.

Use AI to develop nuanced perspectives on your customers based on individual preferences and use these insights to deliver custom messaging and offers — bringing you higher conversion rates.

B2B Marketing Automation

Grow efficiently by aligning marketing and sales around every account.

Create landing pages and forms fast using drag-and-drop builders. Segment leads at the point of capture, and send them on personalized, automated, cross-channel journeys. Using AI-powered lead scoring and grading, you can quickly nurture those leads for marketing qualification.

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Choosing the right MarTech solution

Picking the best Marketing Technology (Martech) solution is a big deal, and it’s important to think about a few key things when comparing popular marketing automation solutions in the market.

Learning Topics:

  • Main differences between MarTech platforms
  • Incloud experts share best practices
  • Common challenges when migrating to a new marketing solution
  • Best practices for using Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Feature by feature comparison

What sets us apart from the competition

Since its inception in 2013, Incloud has helped hundreds of companies experience sustainable growth and by combining marketing strategy and technological expertise.

The cornerstone of our success resides in our strategic and holistic view, through a pragmatic approach.

Our Marketing Cloud team is composed of both technical and business resources, offering the perfect mix to maximize the benefits of the solution.

The technical team is certified on the technology and our strategic team members have used marketing cloud in the industry for many years, offering hands-on expertise and counsel to our customers, resulting in long term partnerships.

Many of our customers keep coming to us for the unique blend of strategic and technical expertise that Incloud offers.

A strategic vision and understanding of the customer journey is key to success.

We strive in working with our customers in developing cohesive marketing plans for a smooth cross-channel experience, leveraging evolving consumer habits for improved marketing

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