Salesforce Experience Cloud

Build connected websites, portals, and applications. Fast.

Interact with your customers across channels with Experience Cloud.

Connect customers, partners, and employees with each other — and the data and records they need to get work done.

How does it help?

Engage any audience fast. Create customer-first digital experiences with interactive sites, apps, and portals

Deliver personalized content fast. With all your data in one place, you can deliver personalized content fast

Launch and adapt experiences quickly using clicks or code. Scale with a broad ecosystem of easy-to-use tools, powerful AI, and world-class apps.

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Why Incloud?

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, is a digital experience platform that empowers businesses to create connected digital experiences. With its tools, brands can build tailored portals, forums, and sites, allowing seamless interactions with customers, partners, and employees. Incloud helps businesses optimize these engagements, ensuring a cohesive digital journey for all users.

Absolutely! Salesforce Experience Cloud is built for integration. Whether you’re looking to connect with ERP systems, third-party applications, or other Salesforce offerings, it’s designed for seamless integrations. Incloud’s expertise ensures that these integrations are smooth, enhancing the overall user experience and operational efficiency.

Salesforce Community Cloud and Experience Cloud are essentially the same. Salesforce rebranded “Community Cloud” to “Experience Cloud” to emphasize its broader capabilities in crafting enhanced digital experiences. Beyond community features, Experience Cloud offers more tools and functionalities to create immersive portals, sites, and forums for diverse audiences.

Choosing Salesforce Experience Cloud means investing in superior digital experiences. It offers the flexibility to build customized sites, portals, and forums, ensuring tailored experiences for customers, partners, and employees. With its scalable architecture and integration capabilities, it’s a top choice for businesses aiming for growth, engagement, and improved stakeholder relationships.

Launching with Incloud’s Salesforce Experience Cloud solutions is simple. Once you’ve contacted us, our sales team at Incloud, enriched with experience and insight, will guide you through the strategy, implementation, and optimization processes, ensuring your digital experiences stand out.