Deployment of Salesforce Professional Services

Deployment of Salesforce Professional Services

Professional Services

Gain visibility across sales, service, and finance with Salesforce for Professional Services

Common challenges you might currently face with the deployment of Salesforce:

1. Lack of visibility on project information.Having a hard time accessing project information or sharing it with the management team?

2. Difficulty in tracking resource occupation rates.Finding it hard to schedule the right people, with the right skills, for the right projects at the right time?

3. Keeping budgets in line. Struggling to keep projects on task, budgets in line, and all stakeholders informed?

How can an innovative deployment of Salesforce solve this?

  • Connect your people and projects. You can easily manage teams across your entire organization. Schedule the right people, with the right skills, for the right projects at the right time, and optimize the deployment of your people.
  • Get a full view of project financial health. Access comprehensive project-related financials anytime with Salesforce for professional services – including revenue, bookings, backlog, billing, budgets, and rate realization.
  • Full lifecycle services forecasting. Use Professional Services Automation software to get flexible revenue and billings forecasting across both projects and opportunities with configurable reporting and business rules.

Why Incloud?

Deployment of Salesforce for professional services will offer you a better visibility in sales, service and finance you need, and help you meet your business goals! Contact us today to explore our services.

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