The # 1 CRM for Sales

Grow your accounts, find new customers, and close deals faster — from anywhere.

Make leads & opportunity tracking easy

Track all your lead and opportunity information and development in one place, anywhere.

Make insightful decisions

Prioritize and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Accelerate productivity.

Automate complex business processes to drive even more productivity.

Launch more efficient campaigns

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, making every lead a quality lead.









Sales Cloud implementation

Incloud helps you get salesforce the way your business needs it.

Quick Start projects

quick start project

In a 4 weeks project, get your Salesforce instance properly configured to your business and you sales team fully train the new technology.

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Turnkey projects

salesforce turnkey project

Through a smooth project roll out plan, Implement advanced Salesforce features that will deliver fast ROI to your organization

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Advanced features for Sales Cloud CRM's

Go beyond lead and opportunity tracking and implement features that offer rapid ROI.

Gmail & Outlook integration

Synchronize your sales cloud information with your email service provider.

Workflows and approval

Run any business process with workflows and manage approval processes for deal discounts, expenses

Territory Management

Model your sales territories into a logical and flexible structure. Map your territory management.

Configuration of default and custom objects

Configure your campaign, contract and product fields in Salesforce and create custom objects.

Sales revenue management

Manage sales revenues and sales contributions more efficiently.

Mobile integration

Run your business from your phone. Access your dashboards. Search for and access all your files.

Email Integration

Sync every important email in your CRM. Access contact information in outlook or gmail.

ERP Integration

Get your data from your ERP or any other systems into your Salesforce CRM.