Email Optimization Part 2: The Best Subject Lines For Killer 🔪 Open Rates

Trying to boost your email opens? We've compiled a list of great subject lines and explained why they're so intriguing. Find out more here!

Email Optimization Part 1: Email Deliverability: How to stay out of Spam

We as marketers are so focused on email artwork, UX and UI that sometimes we neglect looking at email deliverability! Find out here how to stay out of spam:

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday Tips

BF/CM is basically every retailer’s biggest quarter of the year, find out how you can stay ahead of the trends and capitalize on this time of the year.

Customer Engagement Trends that matter

Discover the top customer experience trends that we have captured at Salesforce Connections'19 that will help you better drive your customer experience.

Top Marketing & E-Commerce Trends in 2019

Discover the top marketing and e-commerce best practices and trends to watch out for seen at Salesforce Connections'19!

Presentation: The Best of Salesforce Connections’19

Watch our webinar on the Best of Salesforce Connections'19 and download the presentation to discover the new trends to improve your customer engagement!

Webinar: Best of Salesforce Connections ’19

Watch this webinar and have a wrap up of everything that was said at Salesforce Connections'19! Elevate your customer engagement game with our experts

Video: The Digital Transformation Journey of National Bank Investments

Access the presentations and video from our Salesforce & Incloud event on The Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services!

6 tips for a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation

6 tips for a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation

Setting up a marketing automation implementation project is a big step for your business & here are some key points to have in mind to ensure your success!

Video: Fireside Chat on the Impacts of a Digital Transformation

Discover how two Quebec based companies have transformed their business by improving efficiency & internal communications, to deliver unique andpersonalized customer experience.

Video: Fireside Chat with Debra, VP of E-Commerce @Le Château

In this video, Debra shares with us her recent experience with Incloud as a partner of implementation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, describes how her team approached the new opportunities and her initial results!

Sales: Integrating AI in your day-to-day tasks

Sales: Integrating Artificial Intelligence in your day-to-day tasks

Through this infographic, we will see how sales reps can integrate artificial intelligence into their daily work for more efficiency and productivity!

marketing campaigns - vip nuruturing

Best Marketing Campaigns – #5 VIP Nurturing

When talking about VIP Programs, you need to ensure that their shopping experience with you is top notch and that adequate post-purchase support is provided. Here’s a few tips...

Video: Lead Generation Explained in 2 Minutes

Let’s review best practices for each step of a lead generation strategy: Learn to attract and turn leads into customers, from recognition to retention!

interaction studio

The potential of personalization with Interaction Studio

There’s no better time than now to fully understand the potential of personalization: Discover Interaction Studio for Marketing Cloud here.

trends customer service 2019

Infographic: Trends in Customer Service for 2019

To start well this year, here are 4 tips you need to know to improve your customer service and customer experience in 2019!

Best Marketing Campaigns - Win back programs

Best Marketing Campaigns – #4 Win-Back Program

You see your client moving away from you, he is not very receptive to your communications, he no longer buys your products ... but nothing is lost!

Infographic: The Tax Credit for Quebec SMEs on IT investments

In this infographic, we list 5 points for you to better understand how the IT tax credit can make your SME more productive.

Customer Service #3: Leverage Technology to Deliver a Superior Customer Service

With technology, develop a 360° awareness to understand customers' behaviors and start a multi-channel communication to deliver superior customer services.

Best Marketing Campaigns – #3 Increase Sales

With all the possibilities in marketing automation, how do you increase your sales and grow your company best? Here are a few tips...

Video: The Best Marketing Campaigns

Watch our video and discover the 5 most successful marketing campaigns (and how they're kinda like online dating)

Customer Service #2: Acquisition VS. Retention

Focusing more on customer acquisition or customer retention, that is the question. But what if you can grow with best of both worlds?

Pardot Release – Winter ’19

Discover every Salesforce news for this winter. Here is a recap of the major changes that will take place (Lightning App, Campaigns, Engagement Studio...)

Guide: CASL Compliance

Ensure that your company is CASL Compliant: Find in this Guide every best practice on how your company can comply and grow its database

Best Marketing Campaigns – #2 Increase Engagement

This article is the second of a series of the most successful marketing campaigns. We'll give you tips and best practices on how to increase engagement!

Best Marketing Campaigns #1 Welcome Series

Welcome Series are like the First Date: Both parties have expressed interest and it’s time to make your best first impression ever (and ideally land the 2nd date)!

Service Cloud Keynote – Winter ’19

Dreamforce '18 is now over, and a lot of major announcements regarding customer service have been made! Learn here everything you need to know

Infographic: The Best Marketing Campaigns

Through this infographic, discover the 5 most successful marketing campaigns today that will make your customer stay with you forever!

Guide: GDPR Compliance

As the GDPR is the most important data protection change for European residents, find out in this guide all you need to know about this program.

Infographic: How to prepare Sales roles for an automated future

Today salesperson have to adapt to a world where the customer is in control. Building a relationship may still be important, but it’s not the only point at stake now.

the 5 most successful marketing campaigns today

Ebook: The 5 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns Today

Download your free guide & discover how generate more revenue with these 5 marketing campaigns with the best tips for each step of your customer life cycle

Webinar: Account-Based Marketing

Watch our webinar and discover every first steps to implement an account-based marketing strategy within your company

Ebook : State of Customer Service

Download your Ebook about the state of customer service: know how customer service can affect your bottom line and deliver a more intelligent experience

Pardot Event on Account-Based Marketing – Presentations

July 19th, 2018 - Montreal

Download our presentation about Account-Based Marketing for Pardot & Advertising Studio

Customer Service Event in Retail – Presentation

May 23rd, 2018 - Montreal

Download here the presentations you've seen during our conference about the state of customer service in the retail industry, with our partner Salesforce.

Pardot Event MTL for B2B Sales & Marketing – Presentations

April 18th, 2018 - Montreal

Download our presentation about B2B Sales & Marketing in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution

dmp data management platform

What is a DMP?

In marketing, we hear a lot about DMP, or data management platform. We will review how a DMP works, how it relates to you, and how it can benefit you.

outbound marketing

Best Practices in Lead Generation: Outbound Marketing

In this third article about «Best Practices in Lead Generation», we will review the second main strategy of lead generation: Outbound Marketing

Account-Based Marketing Event – Presentations

December 12th - Montreal

Download our presentations about Account-Based Marketing

lead generation inbound marketing

Best Practices in Lead Generation: Inbound Marketing

In this article about «Best Practices in Lead Generation», we will review one of the two main tactics and strategies of lead generation: Inbound Marketing

lead generation

Warm-Up: Best Practices in Lead Generation Lessons

Through this series of blogs, my goal is to show you how much marketing has evolved recently, and especially how much it can contribute to the growth of any business.

salesforce crm

My Top reasons for choosing Salesforce CRM

Even if there are tons of reasons why you want to use a CRM, I listed my top 5 reasons. My goal is to get you thinking about the value of a Salesforce CRM

incloud à dreamforcce - webinaire

The best of Dreamforce 2017 in webinar

Dreamforce is the largest software conference in the world. Sign up for our Webinar on Thursday, November 16th at 1:30pm to learn about new trends and innovations at Dreamforce 2017

evolution of lead generation

The Evolution of Lead Generation

Through this infographic, we will see how the evolution of lead generation has changed the expectations that B2B companies had on marketing.

E-Book : Best Practices in Lead Generation

35 pages on how B2B companies can generate more qualified leads. Learn everything you need to know about the concepts and evolution of lead generation.

effects of customer service on your bottom line

Customer Service #1: Its Effects on your Bottom Line

In this article we are going to analyze different aspects of customer service and how it affects your relationship with your clients.

best practices in lead generation

Best Practices in Lead Generation: Road Map

In this article about «Best Practices in Lead Generation», we will review the road map, which allows you to establish the right strategy to adopt.

marketing cloud & pardot user group

User Group – Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Past event

Join Salesforce Pardot and Incloud for a breakfast roundtable and learn how other Montreal companies have increased their revenue through a better Sales and Marketing alignment.

benefits of CRM

Innovation for the rest of us! 5 benefits of a CRM

We’re in January 2010, my partners Enzo, Brigitte and I just launched my first business (they have been in business before). I feel totally blessed that two respected (and cool) investors choose to team up with me and start a new venture.


Sales – a Marathon or a Sprint?

Being one of the few sales people in my network of close friends I am often asked if sales are like a Marathon (long term & long cycle) or a Sprint (short term & short cycle)?