Incloud Business Solutions announces strategic partnership with Mobizcorp to accelerate eCommerce growth in North America

MONTREAL, AUGUST 5, 2020 — Incloud Business Solutions officially announced today that they have partnered with Mobizcorp to combine their expertise and help expand B2C eCommerce within North America.

For companies recognizing their need to accelerate the development of their eCommerce business, while maintaining their competitive edge, the Incloud-Mobizcorp partnership provides a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise. Incloud’s extensive retail expertise, understanding of cross-departmental implications and strategic approach, combined with Mobizcorp’s strong reputation for solution design and implementation, is sure to help support clients through successful transformations by growing their online business and completely redefining their customer experience.

“We are thrilled by this partnership with Mobizcorp and are confident that this new synergy will provide unprecedented value as we accompany organizations through every step of their transformation. Through our training and coaching approach, we stay focused on growth by continuously enhancing performance.Enzo Blasi – President & CEO, Incloud

Even if Salesforce Commerce Cloud is not within the short term plans, the Incloud-Mobizcorp teams work together to unlock the full potential of digital commerce no matter their existing solutions. By implementing best industry practices and avoiding common pitfalls, they place their clients on the best path for long term success.

“After having successfully accelerated joint retail clients in the past, we recognized that combining the vast experience of Incloud and Mobizcorp will make sense for many clients to get combined even more excellence and growth for their online channels.” Friedhelm Scharhag – Founder & CEO, Mobizcorp

Innovation and growth emerges from collaboration and this new partnership is inadvertently on the path to drive customer success.

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About Incloud

Incloud Business Solutions is a fully dedicated Salesforce Integration and Consulting Partner focused on delivering accelerated digital transformations that meet their client’s unique business objectives. Incloud’s strength lies in understanding the cross-departmental synergy and challenges within a variety of industries, ensuring a 360 degree view of its client’s digital transformation across their entire ecosystem. Focused on collaboration, adoption and continued growth, their consultants provide a complete portfolio of digital consulting services geared towards enhancing the overall customer journey and experience.


About Mobizcorp

Mobizcorp is an internationally leading Digital Commerce Consulting & Service Company. Driven by passion for innovation and quality, Mobizcorp has been planning and implementing exceptional retail, marketing and mobile strategies for world-renowned brands worldwide since 2003. The strong reputation of Mobizcorp is particularly based on specialization in digital commerce as well as the experience proven in more than a hundred successfully delivered international projects. By taking responsibility for the outstanding conception, implementation and ongoing development of digital commerce strategies, Mobizcorp enables brands to reach their customers and deliver exceptional shopping experiences across the globe.