Incloud Business Solutions and Akatia Technologies announce their partnership to optimize the management of your warehouses' thanks to an integrated system on the Salesforce platform.

MONTREAL – Salesforce’s strategic partner Incloud announces its partnership with Akatia Technologies, supplier and integrator of the WAM warehouse management system with the Salesforce platform.

Incloud with Akatia’s Collaboration will integrate and customize the WAM Inventory Management System to customer needs. Created entirely on Salesforce, this unique system will allow your warehousing operations to be fully integrated with the rest of your business.

This collaboration brings together two Canadian and bilingual companies to provide a smarter and more optimized customer experience. Working with both companies also aims to simplify the customer buying process by providing them with a single point of contact and complementary expertise.

Incloud Business Solutions aligns CRM technologies with your business goals to deliver accelerated digital transformation. The team supports you throughout the process, from strategic consulting and implementation to support, training and evolution. Incloud helps you automate your processes to increase your productivity and deliver a personalized customer experience. Also, Incloud has consultants specializing in each Salesforce cloud technology and has a dedicated team to help you achieve your goals.

Akatia Technologies believes in two fundamental principles: integration and fluidity.
Akatia aims to integrate all aspects of its customers’ activities and is committed to keeping its application up-to-date with custom features at the cutting edge of technology. Their goal is to facilitate the inventory management process by offering integrated solutions and at the same time improve the return on investment of these customers.

By choosing to work with these two strategic partners, you will bring value to your business by taking control of your inventory and improving your bottom line.

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Contact Info:

For Incloud Business Solutions

Fadi Sfeir, (514) 554-5555

Learn more about Incloud at and on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

For Akatia Technologies

Thomas Robinson, (514) 261-1571

Learn more about Akatia on and Linkedin