“Reaching the right person with the right message at the right time” has long been the holy grail of marketing. More than half (52%) of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t make an effort to personalize communications to them. Yet even if some companies are now beginning to achieve this, in reality, most brands are perhaps believing that they are delivering personalization, when in fact they aren’t. There’s no better time than now to fully understand the potential of personalization.

You may have heard that Salesforce released a new module to complete the Marketing Cloud suite, Interaction Studio. This leading solution on the market for consumer engagement took a new step forward with this addition that will allow users to visualize, track and manage real-time consumer experiences. Most companies today are using multiple siloed, channel-specific marketing solutions, which also lack the real-time context they need from consumer interactions to deliver a personalized consumer experience. According to Salesforce Research (https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/12/introducing-fifth-state-of-marketing-report.html), less than 25% of marketers are completely satisfied with their ability to deliver the right message, to the right person. The same research discovered that more than half of consumers say that personalized engagement is very important to winning their business.


So how can Interaction Studio benefit your business?

Here are all the systems that can be connected to Interaction Studio:

Interaction Studio with Salesforce Clouds

First things first, Interaction Studio is a 360 customer view in real-time that allows us to have cross-channel consumer insights. We are able to visualize our consumer activity at every touchpoint, on every channel and personalize each touchpoint according to the customer experience. As we know, defining customer journeys is essential to ensure a great customer experience. That’s where Interaction Studio intervenes: it standardizes your journeys across channels to serve your customers the best possible. Now how does it work in practice?

interaction studio marketing cloud
Interaction Points

Interaction Studio gives every visitor of your website a TID, which allows it to track every consumer activity. In real-time, Interaction Studio will tell you the path of a user, with every touchpoint. Touchpoints can be your mobile or your website for instance. Within these touchpoints, you have interaction points that are specific pages. Here are 3 points you can find:

  • Activity capture points: the intent of the page (women shoes for instance).
  • Attribute capture point: last search term, email footer… Basically, where did you capture their email for instance
  • Optimization points: to allow you to modify on the fly based on attributes.

Once the prospect is recognized (by signing up, logging in, checking out), all the activity you had on him is being linked to his/her profile.


Orchestrate Actions

Based on these interaction points, you now have the possibility to “Orchestrate actions” by creating a set of rules that will change your parameters. Let’s take the example of Melanie. Melanie has shown interest in Women Hockey. You can create rules that say “if the user has seen this page more than 3 times…” and take actions based on this. Melanie will see on other pages pictures of Hockey Women. Of course, this personalization can be applied to every component you have. Let’s say on your homepage you have a generic call-to-action “Learn More”, with a rule, it will be automatically replaced by a button saying “Create your Custom Hockey Jersey”.

This way, the customer will get very personalized content when visiting your website.


Lifecycle Insights

This is not the only personalization you can do on your website/mobile app. There is much more to discover! The Lifecycle Insights feature will give you a better idea of engagement trends. You can optimize your customer journey by identifying the weakest and strongest points, identify consumers that have dropped out the pipeline and create audiences for re-engagement. You will easily reconnect and re-engage with your inactive subscribers on their preferred channel to interact with your brand again. This maximizes your leads and since you already have information about them, it is easier to target your strategies.

This module expands the capabilities of Journey Builder in a whole new way: a customer can switch from a journey to another based on the real-time interaction he has with the brand, but it also sends live triggers to other clouds (Service Cloud, Sales Cloud), and integrate third-party data and track events (using tags, APIs and SDKs).

To show you the complexity interaction studio can go into also, here is an example of Marketing Cloud touchpoints:

Marketers today have a wealth of data at their fingertips that can help them deliver a more customized customer experience by having always more complete journeys.

We at Incloud can help you to better understand how Interaction Studio works, and how you can use Interaction Studio to start optimizing the customer experience in your own organization, so don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about it!

And to know more about Interaction Studio, watch the Salesforce demo here!