Personalized Implementation

Personalized Implementation

Superior experiences aligned with your business goals

Incloud is a Salesforce consulting partner based in Montreal and Toronto, that implemented 3800+ projects to small, medium, and large organizations across Canada and Northeast USA since 2013.

Tailoring the implementation of Salesforce technologies to your needs is what we do everyday.

Our promise is that every project we implement will result in superior experiences aligned with your business goals

How we deliver on that promise?

We'll tell you how ...

Achieving Business Goals

Achieving your goals starts by quickly understanding your business requirements. We listen and gain excellent comprehension of your business targets.

This allows us to brainstorm regarding the various possible implementation methods and direct you toward the solution architecture that best suits your business.

Through several workshops, our industry subject matter experts quickly grasp your most complex challenges and requirements. They rethink and streamline your processes, bringing superior value to your business.

Tailoring Salesforce

It is not enough to master just the Salesforce technologies. The vast experience of our team enables us to suggest efficient processes, capture critical data in the proper milestone, and offer shortcuts to reach a faster and higher level of technology adoption in your organization.

This is where many Salesforce system integrators fail at delivering results.

In the ever-changing technology landscape and constantly rising business expectations, we collaborate with your teams to deliver custom Salesforce solutions at the pace your business units require them.

Our consultants and developers are proficient in cloud implementations. From A to Z, your project is always under control, with appropriate assistance from your implementation team of business analysts, industry experts, project managers, developers, and trainers.

Our strong custom development team demonstrates agility when it counts.

Quicker Deployment

Incloud’s implementation philosophy fosters progressive deployments. It translates into shorter and iterative implementation phases, where at the end of each phase we make sure all stakeholders recognize progress and outcomes before moving on to the following phase.

This results in lean deployment with high success rates and less overhead relative to the big consulting firms.

Our promise is that every project we implement will result in superior experiences aligned with your business goals.