Mastering Salesforce: 3 tips and tricks for everyday users

Salesforce is an essential customer relationship management tool used by almost 150,000 companies worldwide.

If you’re new to this exciting world, you’re probably wondering how you can get the most out of Salesforce and improve your productivity through tips and tricks. You’ve come to the right place!

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we understand the importance of knowing how to make full use of this CRM platform to exploit slightly more advanced features and increase your efficiency at work.

In this article, we’ve put together 3 practical tips and tricks to help you feel at ease with Salesforce and quickly become a seasoned user.

1. Activate the online multi-field editing function

Inline editing of multiple fields is one of those features you’ll wonder why you haven’t heard of before.

This feature lets you quickly edit fields directly from list views and reports, without having to navigate to each record individually. It’s particularly useful for correcting data errors, updating multiple records simultaneously (up to 200) and saving time.

Here’s how to activate the online editing function in reports:

  • Go to the “Configuration” section and use the quick search function to find “Reports and dashboards”.
  • Select “Report and dashboard settings”.
  • Look for the option “Enable online editing in reports” (please note that this feature is only available in Lightning Experience) and tick the corresponding box.
  • Save your changes to apply the new configurations to your account.

Now open the report you wish to modify. As you hover over the fields, you’ll see a pencil icon. Click on the pencil to modify the field.

Once you’ve made a change, the background color of the field will change to indicate that the new value has been saved. You can also modify other fields on the same line or on other lines of the report.

💡 Incloud tip: To benefit from the multi-field online editing feature, you need an administrator account to authorize it, as is often the case with many of Salesforce’s advanced features.

2. Use Salesforce keyboard shortcuts

Stop wasting time clicking your way through Salesforce’s multiple menus and options. Keyboard shortcuts are your solution for smoothing and speeding up navigation without using your mouse.

Just a few keystrokes give you instant access to certain functions and common actions, saving you precious time in your day-to-day work:

  • Ctrl + N: Creates a new record.
  • Ctrl + S: Saves changes made to a record.
  • Ctrl + E: Modifies an existing record.
  • Escapes: Closes or deselects a window.
  • / : Accesses the search bar.
  • Ctrl + (dot): Accesses quick text functionality.
  • Left or right arrow: Toggles between tabs.
  • For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts available in Salesforce, consider the Shift +/ command.

💡 Incloud tip: In addition to predefined keyboard commands, Salesforce also lets you customize your own keyboard shortcuts. This allows you to create key combinations tailored to your workflow and your most frequent actions. Feel free to experiment and adjust your custom keyboard shortcuts as you discover new features and identify recurring actions in your use of Salesforce.

3. Use Einstein search

Einstein search has quickly become a fixture in the Salesforce community, enabling its users to work more efficiently and intelligently. Thanks to its powerful AI, Einstein search makes searching faster, easier and, above all, more accurate.

As a regular Salesforce user, one of the major benefits offered by Einstein Search is its ability to deliver a customized, filtered list based on your natural language searches.

By using Einstein Search, you can perform more intuitive searches and get accurate results using natural phrases like “My accounts” or “Opportunities created last month”. This saves you time and gives you rapid access to the information you need to get the job done.

💡 Incloud tip: Einstein Search is included free of charge in Salesforce. This feature is activated by default in several Salesforce editions using Lightning Experience.

Get the most out of Salesforce

Salesforce offers a multitude of features and tools for everyday users to maximize their productivity and enhance their overall experience on the platform. The tips and tricks we’ve shared are all ways of making your life easier, enabling you to work more efficiently and smoothly, so you can concentrate on the essential tasks of your business.

At Incloud, we’re convinced of Salesforce’s extraordinary potential, and our aim is to help you make the most of it. Please feel free to put these tips and tricks into practice, and explore the additional resources on our blog to further develop your Salesforce expertise.

We also encourage you to take part in training courses and exchange ideas with other Salesforce users to enrich your knowledge and discover new tips.
If you’re a novice, it’s always a good idea to look for additional tips, explore Salesforce training resources and share your knowledge with other users.

By continuing to improve your skills and discover new features, you’ll position yourself to get the most out of Salesforce and stay competitive in an ever-changing business environment.

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