This article is the fourth of a series of the most successful marketing campaigns. For every campaign, we’ll give you tips and best practices!

As the customer life-cycle can sometimes resemble a romantic relationship, we will show you how to create your happily ever after.

The customer life-cycle experiences constant evolution, similar to a romantic relationship. Different phases require different actions and attention but the end goal remains the same: you want to be together forever and have your customer be as happy as possible.

In the previous articles, we talked about welcome series, engagement series and revenue generation. Let’s now focus on how to win back your customers:

Win-Back Series (aka your first argument)

In any relationship, there are ups and downs. No matter how much you have in common, arguments can’t be avoided. You’ve known each other for a while now, but here is the first tension. You see your client moving away from you, he is not very receptive to your communications, he no longer buys your products … but nothing is lost! A relationship needs to be nurtured, so put some spice in your daily life, and change your approach.


Tip # 1: Understand why they want to break up

When you know exactly why your customer is leaving, it’s much easier to turn the situation around. Generally, a customer parts ways to go to the competition, which may offer more attractive prices or better service. In some cases, the problem may be internal: new management, lack of expertise or the brand not keeping their promise to the customer. Listen to what is being said on social media about your brand (and your competition). Make a point to engage with users to better understand their experiences and see any opportunities for improvement.


Tip # 2: Remind them how awesome you are

Flaunt your assets and remind the customer why they are proud to interact with your brand. Likewise, show your customers that you value their business, value the time they have spent with you and what they have gained over time from being a loyal member. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself what it would take to win them back if you see they are barely engaged. Offer them exclusive discounts or perks, early access to new products, a free trial. Get them to re-discover your brand and fall in love all over again.

Tip # 3: Do not stalk them

Do not overwhelm your customer with emails and ads in an attempt to get them to react. This overindulgence will only serve to annoy them and potentially scare them off for good. Instead, space out your communications, measure their reactions (open rate, click rate, etc.) and act accordingly. Also, avoid the “We Miss You” type emails- instead of talking about yourself, put the emphasis on their needs and wants.


Tip # 4: Calling it quits

Finally, if the customer no longer shows signs of life or wishes to end the relationship, give them options. Send an email asking them to update their preferences (types of communications, frequency, etc.) or allow them to unsubscribe if they wish to. Having a clean database is important for deliverability and creating different customer segments based on the level of engagement can help.

That’s it for our series about winback programs! Next time, we’ll focus on our last chapter: VIP Nurturing. See you there!