This article is the first of a series of the most successful marketing campaigns. For every campaign, we’ll give you tips and best practices!

As the customer life-cycle can sometimes resemble a romantic relationship, we will show you how to create your happily ever after.

But before starting let’s have a quick look at what is marketing automation, and how is it like dating!

Marketing automation is a technique that saves you valuable time by automating a series of actions and campaigns in order to improve the user experience and your customer relationship.

The customer life-cycle experiences constant evolution, similar to a romantic relationship. Different phases require different actions and attention but the end goal remains the same: you want to be together forever and have your customer be as happy as possible.

In this article we are going to focus on the first step of any marketing campaign:

The Welcome Series (aka the first date)

This is it: The First Date. Both parties have expressed interest and it’s time to make your best first impression ever. Here are a few tips to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible (and ideally land the 2nd date).


Tip # 1: Say hello

Be warm and inviting, thank the person for joining the mailing list and reinforce all the perks of being a member. Make it personal by including their first name or any other relevant info you may have. More importantly, be sure to have a killer subject line so they open the email and meet you.


Tip # 2: Look your best

Use eye-catching images and have a clear call to action. This is your moment to inspire the customer about your brand and make it as easy as possible for them to take the action you want. Include videos, tips & tricks or FAQ content that can be of interest to them and remember to stay true to the brand so they can easily recognize you.


Tip # 3: Entice them with an offer

Get them to try the goods by giving them an incentive to make the first purchase with you. Typically anything above 15% off or Free Shipping is greatly appreciated by new members.


Tip # 4: Be social

Give the customer the opportunity to engage with you on other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and so on. Include links to these platforms to make it as easy as possible for them to take part in the conversation. Side benefit: customers get to see a more playful side of your brand on social media while increasing the points of contact with them.

Tip # 5: Demonstrate good etiquette

Keep the email short and sweet, don’t overwhelm a new customer with too many details (you can provide them with more info in supplementary emails). Send the Welcome email immediately- don’t leave them guessing what happened to you. Use responsive email templates to ensure that content is mobile friendly and customers get the best possible experience regardless of which device they are using.


Tip # 6: Continue the conversation

Get the customer excited about what’s coming up and what they can expect next from you. Attempt to get additional details from the customer in subsequent emails, such as birth date, location, preferences and so on. This will help cater content for future emails and give them exactly what they are looking for, establishing the best possible fit.


So, hopefully, the first date was a huge success and you’ve landed yourself a 2nd rendez-vous. That being said, regardless of the outcome, we should also stress the importance of testing. Test your subject lines, test your email content, play with send times and segments. The more data you can get from your email audience the better you can fine-tune your formula for a lifelong relationship with the customer.

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