This article is the fifth and the last of a series of the most successful marketing campaigns. For every campaign, we give you tips and best practices!

As the customer life-cycle can sometimes resemble a romantic relationship, we will show you how to create your happily ever after.

The customer life-cycle experiences constant evolution, similar to a romantic relationship. Different phases require different actions and attention but the end goal remains the same: you want to be together forever and have your customer be as happy as possible.

In the previous articles, we talked about welcome series, engagement series, revenue generation, and win-back programs. Let’s here focus on how to nurture your VIP customers:

The VIP Series (aka you’re in it for the long haul)

It’s official: you’re in looooooove. You’re not interested in anyone else, you’re in it for the long haul and plan to grow old with that special partner. So how do you make it work with this VIP in your life? First things first, your VIP program is about adding value to your best customer, not simply throwing discounts at them (this will only waste Gross Margin dollars). This group of people needs to feel special, know that you are thinking about them and address them in a personal manner.
You need to ensure that their shopping experience with you is top notch and that adequate post-purchase support is provided. Here are a few ways you can achieve that:


Tip # 1: Cater your content

Use dynamic content to personalize emails just for them. For example, use info such as the first name when speaking to them. You can also showcase product recommendations based on past browser history. Share complementary products with them based on previous purchases or offer warranties/guarantees relevant to their recent purchases. Finally, these VIP users should be excluded from automated emails such as cart/browse abandonment since they are likely to be loyal customers anyway – so let’s save their inbox from unnecessary emails.


Tip # 2 : Make it exclusive

Give them early access to a sale so they can shop all the items they want and ensure optimal stock availability. Offer them a perk such as free delivery or a gift with purchase (Pro Tip: offer them an item they may have already been eyeing). You can also offer them products available to them and nobody else (think of companies like Rolls
Royce, Amex with their Black Card and Patek Philippe). Other ideas can be VIP access to events happening in your stores or around the city in which they live (concerts, shows, sporting events, etc.).

Best Marketing Campaigns - VIP nurturing
Tip # 3: Go the extra mile

Offer your VIP customers exclusive services such as a Personal Shopper, a free consulting session with an expert or simply follow-up phone calls to ensure they are satisfied. Personalized, Handwritten notes are also greatly appreciated among this segment. Think thank you notes with purchases, Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards or
other milestones you have in your CRM database (and with companies that can now automate these handwritten notes, you’re can look like an all-star with minimal work).


Tip # 4: Direct Contact

Switch the conversation from email to phone whenever possible. Sending a text message or calling a customer to let them know breaking news will reinforce their brand loyalty decision. Direct access to a customer’s mobile device can lead to increased conversion and brand affinity- but do not abuse this privilege. Remember, the goal is to add value and reward them, not stalk them.


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