Make marketing and technology work together.

We place marketing automation at the center of your marketing strategy.

Train your sales and marketing team

We teach your sales and marketing team how to be more efficient with marketing automation

Automate your marketing campaigns

We create with your team integrated and personalized marketing campaigns.

Audit your marketing automation setups.

We audit your configuration, evaluate your data quality and make recommendations.

Aligning marketing with your business objectives

Thanks to their experiences in marketing and technology, our consultants help you align sales and marketing.

Marketing Strategies

Our consultants are experts in Inbound marketing and in all the latest digital tactics. They help you step up tailored strategies to generate, convert, and close business leads.

Marketing Technology

Thanks to technologies, marketing plays now a central role in the business development of companies. Our consultants know how to harness these technologies to help you respond to the growing expectations on marketing.

Sales & marketing alignment

The alignment between sales and marketing is the essential prerequisite to your success in business development. With our consultants, you will put new processes and methods in place place to foster an effective sales and marketing collaboration.

Two solutions according to your needs

With Pardot from Salesforce, you can generate more qualified leads and close more deals. We help you create automated campaigns, acquire and nurture leads effectively & align your sales and marketing efforts.

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B2C platform to create & manage customer journeys

With Marketing Cloud, build a comprehensive view of each customer and be focused on their expectations. We help you customize your journey through social media, email, online advertising, mobile and more.

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Inbound marketing training

Inbound marketing is a pull marketing strategy that utilizes content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media to attract new business.
Our consultants will train your team to the principles and will demonstrate how these apply to marketing automation


Learn about your target


Adapt your content to your prospects and their buying cycle


Engage conversation and attract prospects


Humanize your brand and attract prospects with your expertise


Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization


Turn your website into a lead conversion machine

Integrated marketing campaigns

Pardot is a very comprehensive Marketing Automation tool that can help companies with email marketing, landing pages, automation rules and advanced tracking.

In a practical coaching program, our marketing experts will teach you how to combine these tactics in an integrated marketing campaign.

Through several workshops, our consultants will first review your prospect data and your marketing content. In a second step, they will propose the best approach to maximize your campaign ROI.

With this very concrete exercise, your marketing team and our consultants will build together the various campaign assets (emails, landing pages…)

Digital advertising

Advertising on Google Adwords and on social media can be very powerful solutions to drive leads. However, these tactics can happen to be very expensive when they are not implemented strategically.

Our consultant objectives is to increase your return on campaign investment and to maximize the quality and the quantity of the collected prospects. They will work with you to choose the most impactful keywords and will set up landing pages that convert.

Lead scoring and grading

Evaluating the profile of your leads and their engagement with your marketing is a key asset to successful lead nurturing strategies. With these two indications, you will know when a lead has to be transferred to sales or the type of content a prospect should receive.
In a very practical workshop, our consultant will analyze your lead generation process and understand the critical lead path. As part of a exercise, they will involve your marketing marketing team in this process and will configure and document your scoring and grading rules.