Leverage marketing Technologies to Reach Higher Revenue Goals


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Multi-industry panel: Retail | Financial services | Health care | Manufacturing

This year again, Incloud assembled a panel of sales and marketing leaders with hands-on experience in Salesforce technologies. They will discuss current professional challenges and provide insights on market survey results presented at the event.

Panel discussion will be in French. An English translation of the recording will be provided to all attendees after the event.

Pierre-Francois Lyonnais

Chief of Digital Strategy & eCommerce at Mondou


Martin Aubut

CMO at nesto 


Marie Josée Laramée

Assistant VP at National Bank Investments  

Financial Services

Anna-Maria Morena


Director, Marketing & eCommerce at Incloud



Exclusive market survey findings

Top 3 strategic objectives you are aiming to address in 2024

Your current challenges regarding technology usage & ROI

How do you transform strategies into revenues?

Incloud’s exclusive market survey will be conducted in August and September 2023 amongst sales and marketing leaders across Canada.
Results will be revealed to the audience and discussed by the panelists on October 3rd, 2023.

Survey results will be presented in French. The snapshot report will be available in French and English for all attendees.

10 proven journey maps to drive revenue and growth

At Incloud, our success in serving clients stems from our strategic and holistic view of their customer journey.

Through our pragmatic mapping approach, we help clients uncover blind spots and unlock business growth with marketing technologies.

🔍On October 3rd, Anna-Maria Morena, Incloud’s Strategic Marketing Practice Lead, will present the Top 10 customer journey maps that drove revenue and growth for our clients in the past 2 years.

Journey Maps will be presented in French. Presentation deck will be available in French and English for all attendees.

Consultative sessions

Presentations followed by discussions with experts (your choice)

a) Artificial Intelligence: Are you using it properly with your CRM? Find out how to leverage AI technologies in your CRM without compromising risk management.

b) Bill 25: Is your organization compliant? The Privacy Act has been in force since September 2022, yet many organizations are slow to comply. Find out how to get there fast.

Lunch, learn & interact

Rare are the opportunities to interact & learn with your peers coming from multiple industries since the pandemic.

This learning experience gets even more interesting when you receive fresh updates on current trends, common challenges, and new perspectives that enrich your strategic thinking and problem-solving mindset.

🍽️ Experience all of this with a complimentary lunch prepared by the exquisite cuisine of Hotel W. in Montreal with the benefit of networking with like-minded professionals.

See you on October 3rd ! 

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