Leverage marketing Technologies to Reach Higher Revenue Goals

On October 3rd, marketing leaders from many industries attended Incloud’s learning event, hoping to solve their challenges and unlock business growth.

  • Exclusive market survey findings as well as multi-industry panelists
    provided guidance on how to transform strategies into higher
  • People felt reassured they are not alone and Incloud is here to help.
  • However, they all asked for another plate!

So here is our response: 

Growth Hacking for Marketing

Deep dive discussion on leveraging marketing technologies to reach higher revenue goals.

Topics discussed

October 3rd Highlights

Exclusive Market Survey Findings

Martech is a $122 billion industry that’s growing by 22% year over year, and 70% of CMOs are increasing their investments in it (Harvard Business). However, there’s an ongoing challenge related to generating ROI with marketing technologies (Gartner).

Incloud’s exclusive market survey was conducted in August and September 2023 amongst sales and marketing leaders across Canada to provide deeper knowledge on how to better leverage marketing technologies.

Top 3 strategic objectives you are aiming to address in 2024

Your current challenges regarding technology usage & ROI

How do you transform strategies into revenues?

Results where revealed to the audience and discussed by the panelists on October 3rd, 2023.

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