iFusion Group

iFusion Group

Founded in 2010, iFusion is a strategic group of partner companies that delivers end-to-end business solutions. Its mission is to support organizations in their growth by implementing coherent, integrated, and scalable cloud computing solutions.

Our commitment

Our extensive business consulting experience and technology expertise gives us a clear understanding of the business challenges our clients face. We then deliver high impact, creative solutions that fuel our clients’ business vision and address their most critical concerns. Everyday, we are committed to solve complex business problems in the most simple and efficient way possible, while contributing to our client’s growth.

T2 Approach

Within iFusion Group, we have developed a cutting-edge approach called T2: Talents and Technologies. This approach allows us to provide experts specialized in each of the technologies and business solutions that we offer. The T2 approach is possible due to the existing synergy between the Group iFusion companies. The presence of our experienced recruitment and human capital management teams gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining the top technology and subject matter talent within the market. .
Salesforce implementation can impact your business goals and client experience


Take advantage of the collaboration between iFusion Group’s partner companies. Their diverse areas of expertise deployed in total synergy enable organizations to use the latest talent and technology to accelerate their growth.

Consulting Services

We provide consultants and subject matter experts to support you in achieving your goals and your business vision.

Customer Success

Get the most value from the world's #1 CRM, by better engaging with your customers to grow your business faster.

Managed Services

Manage resources and operational processes with workflows to increase the quality of business services.

Data Valorization

Increase your performance and ensure sustainable growth by translating your data into results.