How to maintain Salesforce ROI over time 

27% of Salesforce Administrators leave their job within the first year of employment, and that number jumps to 74% within the first 2 years.

Source: Zippia Salesforce Administrator Report

This means that even if you hire the best of the best, they might end up leaving your company. You’ll then be stuck looking for new talent and your Salesforce ROI might stagnate.

But let’s just assume that you have very loyal employees, the truth still remains that less than 40% of companies have achieved adoption rates of over 90%.

Source: G2 Learn Hub

Yes, Salesforce is a powerful tool but it’s only as good as the people who use it regularly.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Thankfully, here’s a simple solution to that complex problem! Hiring a managed service provider is your best bet.

But what do managed services mean?

What are managed services?

Salesforce Managed Services brings together resources for all services based on your Salesforce CRM requirements.

It’s a scalable and economic solution when you are not in a position to hire full-time Salesforce resources.
That way, you won’t have to worry about background work like regular updates, security checks, and other Salesforce administration tasks.

So in other words, you get to have people working on your Salesforce instance without having to hire them.

How does it help?

Managed services can bring an array of benefits to your organization, such as:

1. Saves you money
A Salesforce administrator’s salary can range from 80 000$ to 120 000$.
Managed services allows you to cut down on hiring and onboarding costs.

2. Uninterrupted business processes
Managed Services takes care of frequent updates without interfering with current business processes.

3. Kills the skill gap
You won’t have to worry about skill gaps anymore. Whether you need an admin or a developer for a specific project, you’ll have access to their expertise!

4. Uninterrupted scalability
As your organization grows, you won’t need to hire additional Salesforce resources.

Seems interesting? We can help!

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Is it worth it in your situation?

Hiring a managed services provider isn’t for everyone.

If you can say with certainty that your internal team meets all the Salesforce skill requirements then it isn’t for you!

On the other hand, here’s when you should consider managed services:

  • Your IT costs are becoming higher and higher.
  • You are unable to predict your upcoming IT costs.
  • Your inhouse team aren’t able to maintain the Salesforce org.
  • Your inhouse team aren’t taking full advantage of all the Salesforce functionalities you paid for.
  • Your organization doesn’t have a data management process in place which makes your company vulnerable to phishing attacks.
  • You are constantly micromanaging.
If you feel that any of these problems apply to your organization, contact us today to speak with an expert!

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