Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner… some of you have been planning and strategizing your campaigns since July, while others just realized that Halloween is over and OMG IT’S 4 WEEKS AWAY. Some of you prepped by attending our webinar or reading our BF/CM tips, while others just finished googling “Black Friday 2019 date”. Either way, let’s shift our focus to the next peak period after BF/CM and how you can keep winning well into December.

Now, aside from every other planet being in retrograde in 2019, it’s also one of those years where Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall way too close to the launch of the Holiday Shopping Season (re: Gift Guides, Wishlists and Eggnog overall Christmas spending). Some of you are thinking  “Yeah, so what?” Well, the last time this happened (aka 2014), so many consumers took advantage of completing their Holiday shopping during BF & especially CM, that December revenue and gross margins took a bigger hit than expected because of this.

All this being said, how do we keep the Cyber Monday Grinch from stealing Christmas? Here are 3 ways to jingle those bells:

1. Remarketing / Retargeting / Stalking

BF/CM is a virtual rat race, but there can be a few side benefits in its aftermath. One, your website probably got the highest traffic levels to date during this time which could make for some great prospecting throughout December. Two, not everyone managed to successfully checkout their carts or experienced some dissatisfaction during the process, which leaves you with an opportunity to delight (and make some extra cash).

Display Ads: these can be browse abandonment ads or cart abandonment ads, but be sure to include an incentive for best conversion rates. Also if these ads are not dynamic, try to use an image of your most searched/purchased product based on Google Analytics results (oh and make sure you actually have some inventory left).

SEM and PPC: once again capitalizing on post BF/CM visitors in December, use your AdWords spend wisely and go after customers who were deepest in the purchasing funnel (instead of paying for cold leads). Google Product Listing ads are a good option here since their placement is awesome, visual thumbnails are used and you can actually re-market the exact products customers were eyeing but did not convert on.

Social Media Marketing: don’t forget to also exploit paid and sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. These are often not as pricey as display and you can still remarket a specific list (or go broader within the native app settings).

Chat and Customer Service Calls: ok, so your customer service agents survived the apocalypse, but now that it’s over, wouldn’t it just be so thoughtful of them to follow up on any calls or open chat windows? Make sure Karen got her orange sweater or that Jane finally managed to get 3 day shipping. These are not only opportunities to surprise and delight, but to upsell or cross sell as well. Think of this as physical remarketing that agents can take on during down time.

Email: Cart Abandonment emails should be a little stronger post BF/CM with either additional incentives or specific content speaking to the peak period they just shopped. Consider updating the content in this email and also changing the timing of the automation rules, or even adding emails to the sequence, to really get that purchase instead of your competitors.

SMS Marketing & Push Notifications: If you have a customer’s number in your database or collected new mobile numbers during BF/CM, now is the time to use them to invite some re-purchasing behavior- after all it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Also if you have a company app, retarget customers with an item still left in their cart: it may have gotten lost amongst the flurry of activity and it’s worth a shot.

2. Launch Gift Guides and Wishlists Earlier

As much as retailers like to wait until the first week of December to launch their Holiday Gift Guides, this year, exposing all that extra BF/CM traffic to your lovely landing pages is worth advancing your timelines. Also, getting this content up mid-November can help you fall into a few more BF/CM searches, which you can then remarket as mentioned above. The truth is, waiting to launch this content in hopes that customers will return to your landing pages December week 1 is a little risky vs letting the cat out of the bag earlier and finding other content to recycle throughout December.

3. Bounce Back

Yes, this may sound like a prehistoric tactic, but if you give customers a reason to come back to your store (aka a gift card) chances are they won’t let that money rot away in their wallets. Set specific spend dates for your bounce back coupon or gift card to be used within the 2-3 weeks prior to Boxing Day- the goal here is to incite an additional purchase here (aka not this OR that, but this AND that). In conclusion, we all know that the 4th quarter is one of the biggest quarters of the year for retailers- it’s your make or break. Companies need to plan their promotional strategies according to BF, CM, Holiday Gifting and then finally Boxing Day. If you can successfully capitalize on each of the 8 selling weeks from November to year end, then you won’t be needing a Christmas Miracle after all.

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