Ensure that your company is CASL Compliant

As Canada Anti-Spam Legislation is one of the strictest anti-spam law, find in this Guide every best practice on how your company can comply and grow its database

Maple Leaf on Twitter Twemoji 11.2  Explicit Consent VS. Tacit Consent: How to convert tacit into explicit

Maple Leaf on Twitter Twemoji 11.2  Record Keeping: What electronic records you should be keeping

Maple Leaf on Twitter Twemoji 11.2  Use of Cookies: When do you need and don’t need to request consent

Maple Leaf on Twitter Twemoji 11.2  Email Preference Center: What you should include

Maple Leaf on Twitter Twemoji 11.2  Double Opt-in Method: Grow your mailing list organically

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How can Incloud help?

To ensure that your digital marketing strategies comply with the CASL, we help you examine your currents consents, your preference center and unsubscribe methods, as well as your marketing communication to identify any gap.

Together, we focus on empowering your workforce and support you throughout the process to place each customer at the center of your business.

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