Enhanced Domains – Immediate Action Required!

Attention Business Leaders: Don’t let your company get caught off guard by the upcoming change enforced by Salesforce! Take action now to avoid disruptions for your customers and employees.


⌛September 2023


Prepare for Enhanced Domains – a crucial update that will change URL formats across your organization. Failing to implement this change might cause:

  • User access issues and integration failures, impacting your operations.
  • Some embedded content stored in Salesforce no longer appears.
  • Third-party applications can lose access to your data.
  • Single sign-on integrations with sandboxes can fail.

WHY enable it?

Stay ahead of the game by complying with the latest browser and security standards. Deploying enhanced domains is essential to ensure smooth functioning of application URLs, including Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, and Visualforce pages. By enabling and deploying enhanced domains before the enforcement, you’ll safeguard your business from any potential setbacks.

Incloud will:

  • Review your org to identify the areas that could be impacted.
  • Enable the enhanced domain in Sandbox and run tests to fix potential issues.
  • Make it easy to deploy the changes and help users get started.


Winter ’24: Enhanced Domains Enforced

The Winter ’24 release deployment begins in August 2023 (sandboxes) and September 2023 (production). During this release, the Deploy Enhanced Domains update will be enforced. Please note that once enforcement begins, enhanced domains will be deployed in all remaining orgs, and the feature cannot be disabled.

Incloud, your trusted partner in digital transformation, is here to assist you every step of the way. We offer a complimentary assessment to tailor the effort, cost, and timeline specific for your successful transition. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring minimal disruption to your users and customers.

Get a free vulnerability report today and secure a seamless transition to enhanced domains. Please fill the form below.

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