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Hello and welcome to the webinar “The Transformation is More Than Digital”. It All Starts With Your “Why” as Simon Sinek emphasizes, transformation is not just about adopting digital technologies. Still, it’s also about understanding the underlying reasons behind the change. Craig Larson highlights the importance of defining the “why” before implementing any transformational changes, as it provides clarity and purpose to the process.

Additionally, this webinar discusses the concept of having a 360-degree view of relationships, which means understanding and leveraging all the touchpoints a company has with its customers. This approach involves collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as social media, customer service interactions, and website behavior, to gain insights into customer needs and preferences. By having a holistic view of customer relationships, companies can develop personalized and targeted marketing strategies, improve customer experiences, and build stronger customer relationships.

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Overall, the webinar emphasizes the importance of purpose-driven transformation and the need for companies to focus on their “why” to achieve successful outcomes. It also highlights the value of having a 360-degree view of customer relationships.

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