Collaborating with IT in the development of custom cloud solutions

We help IT manage the ever changing technology landscape and rising business expectations.

Enabling business transformation

We create custom application to bring business values to your teams and customers.

Developing on the Salesforce platform

We develop custom applications for your entire organization with the Salesforce Platform.

Providing business solutions with agility

We deliver custom Salesforce solutions at the pace that your business lines need them.

Make your company easy to do business with

Our consultant create applications that put your customers in the center of your business.

Integrating your business objectives

Our consultants collaborate with your teams toward business goals, deliver value and push IT as your engine of business transformation.

Ensuring a high level of security in the cloud

Our team build on the App Cloud, the foundation of your data governance, access management and confidentiality level.

custom development

Running your business on mobile

Our developers team design for you secured mobile applications that can leverage your entire business data and deliver amazing user experience.

Freeing the Data

Incloud’s developers and consultants work for you to put the right data in the hands of your right business team in order to boost its productivity.

custom development

Build custom applications to respond to all your business needs

Our consultant help your business seize the world of opportunities offered by the Salesforce App Cloud.

  • Build richer and deeper customer experiences  and keep your employees better connected to your customers.
  • Design engaging mobile applications to exceed the rising expectations on mobile apps.
  • Automate all your business processes, from HR to Finance to IT, with custom applications.

Discover the easiest way to build great mobile apps.

Within a very fluid process, our consultants and developers can design custom mobile apps running on the Salesforce platform:

  • Secure every app automatically with Built-in enterprise level security features.
  • Deliver amazing user experiences with interactive, personalized mobile apps.
  • Mobilize data across your business by connecting your apps any on-premises or cloud-based system

custom develpment

Secure your apps by building on Salesforce platform.

Through your journey of developing your personalized application, our consultants helps you have full control over the security measures to ensure the continuity of your business:

  • Manage apps, users, and data sharing for your enterprise cloud and mobile apps in a central location .
  • Control where apps are deployed and which data each user can access at the object, field, or record level.
  • Create and manage a centralized, cloud-based IT governance framework
  • Gain access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps

Project Management

When it comes to app development, our team have set up

Business Blueprint Definition
Overall Architecture Definition
Data Strategy Definition
Application Development
User Acceptance Testing
Go Live

Following the winning methodology

Both Agile and Waterfall are used and supported
Recommended approach:

  • Initial planning (business vision/objectives, Targeted Architecture, Data Strategy)
  • Agile development (releases to project team, one production go-live per phase)