Why Akatia WAM

We aim to integrate all aspects of your business by consolidating all your processes and in return improving your bottom line.

Increase Inventory Turnover
Reduce labor cost
Maximize Storage Space
Accurate Inventory
Improve Customer Service
Completely personalized to your business
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WAM Features

We take your business challenges and expectations seriously; our team is here to meet these needs and
find the relevant solutions to your challenges.


Manage inventory across one or multiple warehouses in a single application that works in tandem with Salesforce.


State of the art scanners allowing you to take a picture and save it directly in WAM wirelessly. Update your orders and print while you are picking your order.


Our seamless integration system syncs receipts and transactions with all parties and helps to avoid manual entry errors and manage financial data without a third-party application.


WAM can automate all your invoicing. We aim to give you a wide range of tools while taking away the complexity. Everything from managing your core accounting, receiving analytics, creating sales reports, PO creation and more.


Selling online can be a major revenue stream for many businesses. More businesses are switching to e-commerce platforms to take advantage of new markets for their products and services. Integrating your inventory management to these platforms thus becomes integral to successfully running your business.


Save time, money and development by using our cutting-edge development software. By automating your business processes, you can increase productivity and eliminate previously tedious, overlapping and redundant tasks.

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