Transform your company into a market disruptor

We help your organization embrace change and deliver more values.

Pushing your strategy forward

We envision how technology can help you reach your business objectives

Reengineering your processes

We redesign your processes to provide more customer values and profit.

Adopting innovative technology

We bring technology solutions that make your organization more customer centric.

Making your employees more productive

We embark all your employees in a journey that will make their jobs easier.

Embrace change and build a unique differentiator

We harness technologies to make your organization more customer centric.

Business transformation strategy

Beyond the simple understanding of your business objectives, Incloud helps you design a strategy involving Salesforce technologies and people to become more productive and more customer focused.

Process reengineering

Through several workshops, our consultants rethink and streamline your processes, so your organization entirely focuses on delivering meaningful value to your customers.

Business Transformation
Technology implementation

Our consultants, analysts and developers assist you in designing integrated Salesforce solutions suited to all your business needs: marketing, sales, operation and upper-management.

Change management

As a part of our business transformation approach, we see your employees as a key element requiring dedicated training and adapted tools to thrive.

Selecting the business strategy that will make you win

A more personalized product or service.

A more collaborative ecosystem.

An agile and adaptive organization.

A focus on value added activities.

Mapping your processes with your new business strategy

Our consultants help you adopt a new value system that places increased emphasis on customer needs. In this process, your business reduces organizational layers and eliminates unproductive activities in key areas.
01 – Focus priorities on customer needs
02 – Put customer data at the center of your organization
03 – Re-engineer business processes
04 – Set up solutions to enable digital transformation

Business Tranformation
business transformation salesforce turnkey implementation

Implementing key technologies

Centralizing your customer information across your entire organization and utilizing the most up-to-date information allows you to reach out to more prospects, to close more deals or service more customers.

Over the years, our team of consultants, analysts and developers have the experience to select the right Salesforce technology to suit respond to your business needs:

Salesforce Cloud solutions

Incloud's industry solutions

Custom Salesforce applications

Change management

More adapted technologies

Configuring the technology to your new business processes.

Better technology training

Conveying the business objectives and explaining the benefits.

Better customer interaction

Delivering more values to your customers thanks better informed employees.