Didn’t have time to watch the Salesforce New Release webinar?
Here’s a 5 minute recap + some tips on how to apply the new features.
1. Creating new brands in Brand Builder

‌• No need to contact support to add a new brand to the Marketing Cloud
‌• Customize the application login pages, user profiles and preference center pages
‌• Basically, more control over account setup and customization to get a new brand up and running more quickly

2. Domain Verification (From Addresses)

‌• Ensure send from addresses are secured

‌This will be enforced by Salesforce as of April 27, 2020 and any send address that has not been verified before then will not be able to be used anymore. More details here > sfdc.co/domain

You may have more than one domain to have verified such as would be the case here:

‌• info@localhost
• communications@localhost
• hiring@localhost

3. Content Builder interactive email forms

‌• OMG you can literally answer surveys and polls directly in an email (aka, reduced barriers to entry, increased participation/engagement and ability for personalization)

‌• Poll your customers on which outfit they prefer amongst a selection of visuals (in the case of fashion apparel)
• Ask customers to provide more profile info such as gender, types of products or services they prefer, types of pets in their home (in the case of animal products), etc.
• Ask customers to fill out a short (and i repeat short) surveys about your brand

4. New Journey Template including Audience Studio

‌• Leverage Audience Studio insights directly into Journeys (find it in the Template Gallery of Journey Builder)
• Drive additional purchases (for example with post browsing journeys)

5. Mobile Studio in app image fill

‌• More flexibility when designing SMS push messages
• Larger canvas (almost double the size)
• Responsive design

6. Mobile Studio SMS delivery receipts

‌• You can now see if your SMS push message has been delivered to your customers
• This also allows you to re-send any messages that were not originally delivered

7. Einstein Global Navigation

‌• All Einstein products can now be found under the same drop-down menu (as opposed to the previous version that was like hide and go seek)
• A description of each Einstein feature is now shown, so that you can better understand each functionality

So there you have it, hopefully you enjoyed the Cliff Notes version of the Marketing Cloud April 2020 Release. Leave us your comments and subscribe to our newsletter right at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss out on other awesome whitepapers like this one.