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AI Consulting

Ready to integrate AI into your CRM?

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a transformative force in the financial industry, revolutionizing how investors, consumers, and organizations access and manage their finances

Leveraging AI will enable financial organizations to better address customers’ and advisors’ needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Select an AI consulting package to assess and implement a tailored solution for your organization!


Laser focused for:

  • Wealth and asset management
  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • Joint Venture - Commercialisation

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How does AI help?

Improve accuracy and efficiency.

Use AI to identify patterns and insights not visible to human analysts.

Better compliance.

AI can analyze large data sets and identify risks and compliance violations.

Reduce labor costs

Automation of repetitive tasks enabling financial service teams to work on more strategic initiatives.

Improved forecasting

Predict trends and market conditions with greater accuracy leveraging AI.

Enhanced customer experience.

Use chatbots and data to drive products and services relevant to buyer behaviors.

Risk management

Use AI tools to mitigate risks in alignment with regulatory changes. 

Introducing AI Consulting and Implementation packages

AI Business Readiness Advisory Package

Helping you assess your readiness for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies

AI Readiness Assessment

Evaluate existing infrastructure, data and talent to identify gaps and opportunities for AI adoption.

Data Readiness Assessment

Evaluation of data structure, quality and accessibility to determine AI suitability.

AI Strategy Development

Outline a roadmap for technologies, tools and platforms clients can use to achieve their goals.

AI Tool Selection

Shortlist AI tool options to support business goals and drive operational efficiencies.

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AI Implementation Services

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into your organization's existing systems and processes

Setup and configuration

Hands on assistance for the implementation of selected AI
tools including selection and deployment of AI models.

Performance monitoring

Ensure AI tools are thoroughly tested, secure, and provide
ongoing ROI and adoption monitoring.

Managed services and support

Provide training and ongoing support for staff ensuring AI
tools are used efficiently and effectively.

RPA Streamlining

Implement Robot Process Automation (RPA) to remedy
organisation and process inefficiencies.

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