About Incloud

About Incloud

Delivering improved business value since 2013

Incloud is a Salesforce consulting partner based in Montreal and Toronto, that delivered 3800+ projects to small, medium, and large organizations across Canada and Northeast USA since 2013.

We make sure that you get improved business value, resulting in superior experiences.

Innovative approach

Since inception, Incloud has brought an innovative “partner approach” to work with its clients. The goal of our founders was to deliver true value that fosters loyalty and sustainable growth for our customers. It quickly became our success recipe in the early years, and we improved it since then.

The Incloud Difference

Incloud gets ahead of the pack by proposing 3 distinct and integrated services that deliver improved business value.

Personalized Implementation

Tailoring the implementation of Salesforce technologies for your needs leads you to achieve your business goals quicker and more efficiently. How do we deliver on that promise?

Business Growth Booster

CRM is the ultimate technological tool to increase your sales team's performance. So, how can you take it to the next level and boost your CRM investment? By combining marketing & technology.

Perpetual Business Performance

Our perpetual business performance services are here to help maximize your Salesforce ROI over time, including, avoiding deployment failures.

You can benefit from the three services or use them separately.
Your business success is that simple.

Our Core Values


Transparency breeds trust, fosters innovation, creates balance and encourages us to go further, together. We are committed to establishing relationships of trust.


We value our business partnerships, and we team up with them to grow together. We carry out activities always in accordance with our values to continuously improve ourselves.


Inspiring, ensuring the cohesion of projects and relationships, continuously committed to creating value in partnership with our customers. We deliver a coherent, pragmatic experience you can rely on.