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About Incloud

Perpetual business performance powered by our Salesforce consultants

Incloud is a group of Salesforce consultants and experts based in Montreal and Toronto. Since 2013, the group has delivered about 4,000 projects to large, medium, as well as to small organizations across Canada and Northeastern US. The group has vast experience with Salesforce deployments in the following industries:

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Salesforce Experts with an Innovative Approach

Since inception, Incloud has adopted an innovative “partner approach” where Salesforce experts work closely with clients to achieve their business goals. Quickly, this has become our recipe for success and it has only improved since then. Using Incloud’s 1-2-3 approach, your organization can truly fulfill Incloud’s promise to enable perpetual business performance.
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Personalized Salesforce Implementation

Tailoring the implementation of Salesforce technologies to your needs is what we do every day. Every project deployment will result in superior experiences aligned with your business goals.

Business Growth Booster

While the CRM technology is the ultimate solution for increasing your sales team's performance, discover how you can take it to the next level with our Salesforce consultants and boost your business growth. Combine marketing programs with implementation of a marketing automation technology.

Perpetual Business Performance

The perpetual business performance and managed services are here to ensure that the ROI of your Salesforce technologies is constantly maximized. This includes continuous assessment of your implementation KPIs, maximizing user adoption and constant re-configuration to avoid deployment failures and improve your return on investment.

The Incloud Salesforce Experts Difference

The 1-2-3 approach is about Salesforce specialists providing value wherever you are in your technology automation journey. You can benefit progressively from these three on-demand service practices.

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Perpetual business performance finally simplified!

Salesforce Consultants: Our Core Values


Transparency breeds trust. Our Salesforce experts foster innovation, create structure and encourage you to go further, together. We are committed to establishing relationships of sharing and confidence.


We value our business partnerships, and we team up with them to grow together. We carry out activities always in accordance with our values to continuously improve ourselves.


Our Salesforce consultants ensure the cohesion of projects while constantly remaining committed to creating value for our customers. We deliver inspiring architectures, clear planning, and practical experience that you can rely on.