Each year, Incloud evaluates its’ staff for potential new partners. The appointee needs to have provided value to Incloud, through their experience, investment, and of course their ethics towards colleagues, partners and clients.

This year, Incloud has grown and evolved, thanks to the many talented resources that have joined the team.

Thus, Enzo Blasi, President and Co-founder of Incloud, is pleased to appoint a new colleague as a partner at Incloud Business Solutions.

We would, therefore, like to introduce Craig Larson, who has made an exceptional contribution this year to Incloud’s growth by bringing his innovative ideas, his desire to excel and his daily dynamism.

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Craig joined the Incloud family in May 2017. As Senior Director, Client Solutions & Success, he is responsible for the experience of our clients throughout their partnership with Incloud; From pre-sales reach for discoveries, demonstrations and contracts, to customer success post-implementation, user adoption, business process and technology optimization.

Craig has over 25 years of experience in the technology sector. He is passionate about how operational excellence can be the foundation and driver of exceptional experiences for customers, partners and employees.

While new to the Salesforce ecosystem, Craig quickly leveraged Salesforce’s philosophy, culture, and technology to achieve and accelerate our customers’ transformation goals.

Incloud wishes to thank and reward Craig for his contribution. We are sure that his future at Incloud will be as bright as it has been this past year.