9 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a CRM like Salesforce

The digital age has made customer relationship management (CRM) systems more essential than ever for companies seeking growth.
In the vast world of CRM solutions, Salesforce more than holds its own – it’s a true leader, making a real difference to nearly 150,000 companies worldwide.

Wondering whether your company could benefit from a CRM like Salesforce? We’ve put together 9 reasons why.

What is a CRM?

Before delving into the specifics of Salesforce, it may be useful to understand what a customer relationship management system, or CRM, is.
A CRM is a valuable ally for companies. Its purpose? To help them manage and analyze their interactions with customers, whether already loyal or still prospective.

The role of a CRM is fundamental: it centralizes customer information. Whether it’s contact details, interaction history or purchasing habits, everything is brought together in an accessible, easy-to-use database.

The result? Your team has a 360-degree view of each customer, can understand their specific needs and offer a customized customer journey.

In short, using a CRM is no longer just an option: it’s a must-have for optimal customer relationship management. Among the various CRM systems available, Salesforce clearly stands out. Let’s find out what makes it so unique.

9 major advantages of Salesforce for businesses

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, it’s essential to have the right tools to drive growth and maintain strong customer relationships. Salesforce, one of the market leaders in CRM, offers a multitude of benefits for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

Let’s find out more about Salesforce’s key benefits, and how your company can benefit from them.

1. Cloud accessibility ☁️

Living in the digital age means we’re no longer limited by the physical constraints of data access. As a cloud solution, Salesforce offers 24/7 accessibility, regardless of location, as long as you have an Internet connection.

This means your teams can work flexibly, including remotely, and access customer information in real time when they need it.

2. Customization and scalability 📈

No two businesses are the same, and Salesforce knows it. As a result, the CRM leader offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to configure the system to meet the needs of your industry or business.

What’s more, Salesforce is scalable – as your business grows, your CRM can adapt and grow with you.

3. Automation 🤖

Automation is the key to freeing your teams from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on those that add real value. Salesforce offers a range of automation options, from lead tracking to personalized emailing and task allocation. This can save each department valuable time and increase your company’s efficiency.

4. Integrations 🪛

Salesforce doesn’t operate in a hermetically sealed bubble. The CRM platform is designed to integrate with a multitude of other tools and systems, from your accounting software to your social networks. These integrations enable a smooth workflow, reduce data duplication and make your business more efficient overall.

5. Data-driven insights 🪄

With Salesforce, you can easily turn raw data into insights. With its powerful analytics capabilities, you can track trends, identify opportunities and bottlenecks, and make informed decisions based on real, tangible data.

This enables you to optimize your operations, seize growth opportunities and improve your overall profitability. Data analysis becomes a powerful strategic tool that gives you a competitive edge over other companies in your sector.

6. Improving customer service 🗣️

Good customer service is the backbone of any successful business. With Salesforce, you have a centralized system that records all points of contact and exchanges with your customers.

Whether by e-mail, telephone, live chat or social networks, every interaction is recorded and accessible at all times. By providing a personalized, responsive and high-quality service, you reinforce customer satisfaction, loyalty and your company’s positive reputation.

7. Constant innovation 🔑

In today’s fast-moving business world, staying static is tantamount to being left behind. Salesforce is known for its commitment to innovation. With several major updates every year (including the recent Salesforce Einstein GPT) you can be sure that you’re always using the latest technologies to manage your customer relationships.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 🖥️

AI is revolutionizing the way we do business, and Salesforce is at the forefront of this revolution. With Salesforce Einstein GPT, you have access to AI-based predictions, automation and personalized recommendations, which can have a dramatic impact on your company’s profitability and efficiency.

9. Return on investment 💵

Although adopting Salesforce involves some investment, the potential financial benefits are considerable. Whether it’s saving time through automation, optimizing sales potential through better insights, or building customer loyalty through improved service, Salesforce can deliver a significant return on investment.

By assessing the potential gains and benefits for your business, you can make an informed decision about adopting Salesforce.


In a nutshell, Salesforce is like a super-tool that helps companies better manage their customer interactions, improve their day-to-day work and grow their business.
We understand that all this may seem a little complex if you’ve never used this type of tool before, but rest assured, we’re here to support you.

As a Salesforce Certified Partner, the Incloud team has the expertise and experience to guide you through the Salesforce implementation process. Our experts work closely with companies to understand their specific needs and customize Salesforce accordingly.

What’s more, they ensure that Salesforce integrates seamlessly with the existing environment, ensuring a smooth transition.

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