10 Tips to Optimize your Checkout Process and Reduce Cart Abandonment

This is it. The moment of truth for all retailers: the checkout. What happens on these pages will ultimately decide if you or a competitor will get a customers’ business or not. No pressure, but here are some points to consider to make sure you get that add to cart.

Guest account

Provide customers the ability to checkout without creating an account. Guest checkout options should always be present on an ecommerce website (but that doesn’t mean you can’t convert these guests later).

One-click Checkout

Reduce the amount of clicks to checkout and if possible, provide a one-click checkout. Look to Amazon for inspiration for a seamless checkout process.


Allow for payment tokenization to aid with quick and secure checkout.

Payment options

Allow secure and multipay options. (PayPal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Gift Card, etc.)

Keep it clear

Keep your checkout process clear and straightforward by showing them item prices, shipping costs, discounts and total cost. The goal here is to avoid having a customer bounce from the final page because they wanted a transaction total.

Seamless experience

Allow customers to return to other website pages while in the checkout process. The goal here is to allow them to easily add/modify items to their existing cart.

Responsive design

Use a mobile first design and optimize checkout pages for these devices. Also, don’t forget to go back and test checkout pages as new device versions emerge.

Remove distractions

Remove content distractions on the checkout page such as ads or product recommendations.

Social sign in

Allow social logins such as Facebook or Google so that users don’t have to always create accounts. This makes the experience a lot more seamless. Progress bar

Progress bar

If your checkout includes multiple pages, be sure to show a progress bar on each new page so that users know what step they’re on.

So there you have it! Hopefully our tips gave you some points to ponder on and will help your company grab incremental conversions and revenue online.
Got more tips to share? We’d like to hear them. Leave your feedback below.

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